About us

Our history

Rock Forest Collection Center was created in 2006 by acquiring a division of a clinical trial company. Since then, it has added several screening and diagnostic services. Year after year, the growth is constant and the clientele is loyal. In 2014, the vaccination and travel health division was sold. Following these changes, we took the opportunity to make ourselves look good again. 

We are now pleased to welcome you in an environment designed and organized to meet your needs even more efficiently. In 2015, the Rock Forest Collection Center changed its name to PRELEV, with a new logo and more modern image. Prelev moves to a new location and in 2022, the company is acquired by Jeremy Cool, Karen Côté and Tommy Simard.

PRELEV is above all a team of very human people. Our service is a reflection of who we are! We serve you with the utmost professionalism because that’s how you want to be served. We collaborate with everyone involved in your health because we know that there are times when it makes all the difference. Our exchanges are filled with respect and compassion because you are, like us, human.


Facilitating better care for your health through timely professional services.


To offer a fast and efficient private collection system throughout Quebec.


Able to produce a desired result efficiently, i.e., using the least amount of time, effort or resources.


We believe that competence and strong ethics are the key elements of our professional credibility.


The human being, with all his strengths and weaknesses, is at the heart of our actions. By listening, being kind and attentive to each individual, we stand out in our customer approach because we value them. It's for the people that we are committed!

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