Blood glucose test

50g - 1 hour

The measurement of blood glucose 1 hour after drinking a solution containing 50 grams of glucose is used as a screening test for gestational diabetes.

This test is appreciated by pregnant women because it is safe, fast and convenient. In addition, it is performed with a reduced dose of sugar (50 grams instead of 75 or 100 grams), less time commitment (a one-hour test instead of two hours) and convenience (no need to fast to take the test).

This test is recommended for pregnant women between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy.

75g - 2 hours

This test allows the screening of diabetes, gestational diabetes during pregnancy and glucose intolerance. It is used to evaluate people with general weakness, eye problems or kidney problems that seem unexplained.

A first blood test must be done on an empty stomach. A preparation containing 300 ml of water with 75 g of glucose mixed in is then drunk within 5 minutes. Then the glucose level is measured 1 and 2 hours later by a blood test.

It is best to plan 2 hours for the test. It is also important to be fasting 12 hours before taking the test.   

This test allows to evaluate the capacity of the body to manage the consumed sugars.